10 Advantages of buying Fashion Jewellery Online

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Advantages of buying Fashion Jewellery Online

What are the advantages of buying Fashion Jewellery online instead of buying from a store? This thought came to me yesterday as I was out at a local shopping centre.

Hubby and I had taken our son to a medical specialist to find out the results of blood tests. Turns out the results weren’t accurate because the blood should have been taken first thing in the morning. Although we’d got there early enough, it was a Saturday morning and we’d waited in the queue for 2 hours.

So my son needs two more blood tests. To cheer him up, and stop him worrying, we took him to a shopping centre food court. It’s amazing what a Macca’s, or a Foot Long Sub, can do for his mood! It’s not so good for his waistline, of course, but the occasional treat doesn’t harm does it?

Anyway, while heading back to the car I came across a new fashion jewellery store and couldn’t resist going in for a look. I was in there about five minutes before my son started urging me to leave. Hubby was sitting outside looking very bored.

I thanked goodness for online shopping and started thinking of all of its advantages, and reasons for not buying while out at the shops. Many of these benefits apply to other types of shops, not just jewellery.

10 Advantages of Online Jewellery Buying

1. Convenience and Choice

Fashion jewellery stores often have a bewildering amount of choice. Have you ever seen something you like but carry on browsing. Then you go back and try and find it later but can’t remember where it was?

Then there’s the jewellery sold at clothes shops often placed in different areas, or on clothes on display which you can’t find on the jewellery racks?

Shopping online is simpler and more convenient. A good online store displays jewellery by type, style, material and price. It’s much easier to find your preferences and buy exactly what you want.

2. Taking Your Time to Choose

A major advantage is that when you buy jewellery online you can take as much time as you like browsing and deciding. Shop when you have plenty of time.

There’s no rushing around during your lunch hour or when you’re out shopping for things you must buy (such as the groceries!)

3. Shop Free of Distractions and Frustration

Have you ever gone out with your partner, a friend, or children and been tempted to go into a jewellery store?

You either feel the need to hurry so as not to keep them waiting long, or you are nagged to hurry up.

The consequences:

  • You end up choosing and buying something quickly. It wouldn’t be your first choice if you’d had more time, or,
  • You don’t have the time to find anything, or,
  • You find exactly what you want but the queues to pay are too long.

The result is that you come out feeling dissatisfied, and perhaps annoyed.

4. Not Shopping With Children

I think for many parents this might be the main reason to shop online.

My children would be on the watch to see if my attention was caught by something as I passed by a store. My oldest started gently grabbing me by the arm and say “No mum, you don’t want to go in there” as she steered me clear of the shop. My other two thought this a great idea and followed suit.

Although this doesn’t apply to jewellery stores, my youngest, when a toddler, thought it great fun to hide under clothes racks. He preferred circular ones so he could move around if he saw me coming.

Then there was a friend’s child who I looked after from time to time. One day she disappeared while we were in Target. I started to frantically look for her. Then came a announcement over the speakers about a lost child. I sheepishly went to collect her.  Next time it happened again and I realized she did it on purpose, running away to the the counter as soon as my back was turned. Her mum forgot to tell me she did this!

Same child thought it a great idea to cling on to the outside of an escalator. I just managed to grab her by the legs and get her down, as she sailed up to the first floor. I shudder to think of what would have happened if she’d gone further up and fallen.

5. Don’t Let Others Influence You

There are no over-keen sales people trying to persuade you to decide quickly or to buy something more expensive. Sure if you’re looking to buy a high-end piece of jewellery, expert advice is invaluable. But, with fashion jewellery it’s just a matter of what you like and the price you want to pay.

6. Save Yourself Time

With online shopping there is no standing in line waiting to get served.

The day before mother’s day this year, I won a $15 jewellery discount voucher through a shopping centre promotion. One thing I didn’t need to buy was jewellery but a discount’s a discount right! Five jewellery stores took part but each was packed out. I waited a long time in the last one but then gave up. Have you ever done that in a store?

7. Visible Prices

Online Jewellery store prices are easy to see. There’s no searching small labels, or having the check the price of items that don’t have them.

8. Benefit by Saving Money

It’s easy to find specials and discounts online. Have you ever got to the check out to be told, “sorry there’s no discount on that. It must have been put back on the wrong rack”? Because you like it you buy it anyway, at full price.

9. Changing Your Mind

When you shop online you can change your mind as you go. Just add an item to a cart and remove it. I prefer online shopping in general because it gives me time to think and saves me from impulse buys. People changing their minds in stores is perhaps the reason for full price items ending up on discount racks?

10. Know Exactly What You Are Buying

By looking at jewellery product descriptions you find out what metals, stones, crystal types are used. If there’s something you’ve not come across before it’s easy to do an online search and look it up.

You might think I’m biased here because I run an online jewellery store! But, I wouldn’t have set it up if I didn’t think it would be convenient for you. I’m a keen online shopper too because it saves me money, and saves me from temptation.

Your comments are welcomed. Can you think of any more advantages for shopping online. Do you have stories about problems you’ve had while out shopping with children?