10 Advantages of buying Fashion Jewellery Online

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What are the advantages of buying Fashion Jewellery online instead of buying from a store? This thought came to me yesterday as I was out at a local shopping centre. Hubby and I had taken our son to a medical specialist to find out the results of blood tests. Turns out the results weren’t accurate because the blood should have been taken … Read More

History of Statement Jewellery Back to Prehistoric Times

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You might think of Statement Jewellery as a modern trend, and so did I until I decided to look into it more closely. I found examples of statement pieces going back to prehistoric times. Firstly: What is Statement Jewellery? Statement jewellery is large and chunky, standing out as if to say “look at me”.  Ranging from big and bright to more subtle … Read More

About Our New Online Fashion Jewellery Store

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We are excited to tell you about our new online fashion jewellery store. Previously we sold on sites such as Etsy, Amazon and Ebay but decided to build a website to showcase all of our products. Check out our jewellery store for our opening special prices. As we live in Australia we wanted a site to offer quality discounted fashion jewellery to … Read More