Are you shopping online for rIngs in Australia? To give you an idea of the ring size you need, here are some guides for measuring ring size:

Ring Size Chart

Australia & International Ring Size Chart

If you are still unsure it’s best to visit a jewellery store and ask them to measure your finger – or a current ring that fits the finger of the person you are buying for.

Ring Size Measuring

Tips for Measuring Fingers

Finger size changes depending on the weather and time of day.  In the morning and on cool, or cold days, the size may be smaller. It’s best to measure when it’s warm and not hot.

Finger sizes can vary on the same person from one hand to another; the same finger on one hand being different to the same finger on the other hand.  Fingers on the primary hand (the one you write with) are often half a size larger than the other one.

For wide band rings a size larger consider moving up a half size.

If you can’t visit a jewellery store, there are two methods for measuring fingers for rings.

Either: (1) print out our Ring Size Measuring Chart, to measure a current ring owned by the person you are buying for, or (2) measure with paper or string using the instructions below.

1. Ring Size Measuring Chart

Download this chart and measure a current ring against the circles:

Download this handy Ring Size Measuring Chart

2. Measure Finger with Paper or Sting

If you don’t have a suitable ring then use paper or string and measure as shown in the image below:

Measuring Fingers for Rings with Paper or String

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